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"All Our Yesterdays" (31st October)


What a wonderful mixture of wartime nostalgia, songs, entertainment and remembrance was given by ‘the Best of Friends’ group in church on Saturday 31st October. Wartime posters, flags, a representation of Britannia, poppy arrangements and even an unexploded bomb all helped to provide the right atmosphere for what was to come.

Recorded music from the war years welcomed the audience as they arrived and the evening began with the silent parade of the British Legion Standards from Brereton and Armitage and a welcome from Rev Wendy. The camaraderie and enthusiasm of the “Best of Friends”, who, with their accompanist Des Jones, provided the entertainment, was obvious from the start. They treated us to a miscellany of song: from songs for sweethearts, evacuees, housewives, factory workers, to those for soldiers, sailors and airmen and for the countries of the United Kingdom. The audience had their chance to sing during the ‘Workers’ Playtime’ and the ‘Sing-along’. Air-raid warnings, with lighting effects, and the ‘All Clear’ sounded at appropriate times, all in the expert hands of Gary Butler and Pete Magee. The whole evening was brilliantly peppered with reminiscences and comic tales from Reg Morgan, conductor, ARP warden and MC for the evening.

Josie Price’s ‘War Bride’ monologue was an amusing yet informative insight into how a wedding and reception could be conducted during the austerity of the war years – a wedding dress made out of parachute silk, a veil made from lace curtains, a three-tier cardboard wedding cake, concealing a humble single-tier Dundee cake, “made with real, not powdered, eggs laid by a friend’s chickens”!

The sketch performed by Sandra Barlow (the nurse), John Marshall (the mechanic), Sonia Whitehouse (the gardener) & Maxine Holloway (the chef) was hilarious. Each read a script for their own radio programme, but because of ‘interference’ the audience heard only snippets of each linked together in such a way as to produce a really muddled commentary. One of the funniest bits I remember was something like “if the baby becomes troublesome ….. cover it with manure ….. hit it with a hammer ….. or put it in the mincer”!

In keeping with the wartime theme, church members provided Spam, corned beef and jam sandwiches, bread pudding, tea, coffee and biscuits during the interval. Even the raffle prizes had a wartime theme – a wartime hamper (including Camp coffee and, of course, Spam), a book of wartime recipes, a ‘Dad’s Army’ DVD, etc.

The evening culminated in the singing of ‘Land of Hope and Glory’, to which the audience spontaneously stood and waved their Union flags. Thanks from Rev Wendy, followed by the silent parade out of the British Legion standards then the sounding of the last ‘All Clear, was the signal for everyone to make their way home, after a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

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