Parish Gallery

Slitting Mill Village Day 2011

The village of Slitting Mill gave a warm welcome to all who visited the village for this the twentieth Annual Open Day.

The church of St. John the Baptist was beautifully and imaginatively decorated to depict the theme "Heroes and Heroines"

The rain held off long enough for visitors who came to see the church and gardens which were opened this year, and everyone who came enjoyed the day. Thank you to all who contributed to the day.

"Heroes and Heroines"

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Old photographs from Stonehouse School now demolished


FIREPLACE - David Livingstone 1813-73 Scottish explorer and missionary. Discovered Victoria Falls and Lake Nyasa Stirred public conscience about the Slave Trade.


OLD ORGAN - Horatio Nelson 1758-1805 English Naval Commander, victorious in many battles, but lost an eye and arm. Died at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Old organ

ADJACENT VESTRY DOOR - Boudicca/Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni, led a revolt against the Roman occupation of Britain. Died 62AD.

Vestry Door

WINDOW - Lady Baden Powell founded the Girl Guide movement in 1910 to complement the Scout movement. Her mission was to promote good citizenship in the rising generation.


WINDOW - Lawrence of Arabia 1888-1935 Soldier, archaeologist and explorer; united the Arabs against the Turks in the First World War.

WINDOW - Robin Hood 1194 Traditional hero, lived in Sherwood Forest with other outcasts, robbed the rich to give to the poor; supporter of Richard the Lionheart.


WINDOW - Aneurin Bevan 1897-1960 walked miles over Welsh mountains to Technical College after work in the pit to improve his education. Introduced the National Health Service in 1948 giving free treatment for all.

BEAM - Yuri Gargarin b 1934 Russian Astronaut. First to orbit the Earth in a spacecraft called 'Vostock I' died in a plane crash before he could travel in space again.


STANDING - Emmeline Pankhurst 1858-1928 Started Suffragette movement for women's voting rights with daughters Christabel and Sylvia. Women house owners over 30 were given the vote in 1918.

LEFT OF ALTAR - Joseph [and his coat of many colours] survived murder attempt by jealous brothers, forgave them and saved their lives.

Left of Altar
RIGHT OF ALTAR - Jesus, hero of the Jews, expected to rescue them from Roman oppression. Died by crucifixion 33AD.
Right of Altar
STANDING - Grace Darling 1815-1842 Only 23 when she rescued the crew from a shipwreck by rowing them to safety in a wooden coble[boat]. Died of consumption 4 years later.
WINDOW - Wat Tyler d.1381 Led the peasants revolt against the infamous Poll Tax. [Come back we need you]. Stabbed by the Mayor of London at a protest meeting in Smithfield.
WINDOW - Annie Besant 1847-1933 imprisoned with Charles Bradlaugh MP for selling birth control leaflets on the streets. She led Bryant and May match girls out on strike for more pay. Girls horribly disfigured by phosphorus were paid no sick pay.
WINDOW - Sarah Challinor 1873-1973 campaigned for the Suffragettes and newly formed Labour party. Fiercely patriotic, she stood fora place on Rugeley Council in 1928 when the law allowed women to vote. She lobbied MPs in the House of Commons for an increase in OAP. Sarah Challinor Close was named after her.
WINDOW - Violette Szabo 1921-1945 Member of SOE. Parachuted into France to organise resistance after her husband's death at El Alamein. Captured, tortured and sent to Ravensbruck Concentration Camp; executed just before the end of the war with 2 other English girls on the express orders of Hitler; she was awarded a posthumous George Cross in 1946. The poem used as her personal code is displayed.


Violette Szabo’s code poem:

'The life that I have is all that I have
and the life that I have is yours.
The love that I have of the life that I have
is yours and yours and yours.

A sleep I shall have,
a rest I shall have.
Yet death will be but a pause.
For the peace of my years in the long green grass
will be yours and yours and yours.'

May God grant that our hearts, our eyes and our hands may receive His inspiration enabling us to glorify His house with the beauty of the leaves and blossoms which He has created.

Thank you...
For arrangements:  Beryl, Kate, Carol, Helen, Pam, Sheila and Jean.
For donations and help:  Mavis, Audrey, Mary, Joan, David and Denis.
Special thanks to Joe for installations.